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Cheap Sandpaper Distributor in Indonesia

PT. Boelan Oetama Mandiri, a cheap and complete sandpaper distributor company with various types, functions, brands and specifications for the needs of your industry. Sandpaper is a working tool made of paper that is added with coarse material such as grains of sand. This working tool serves to smooth the surface of rough objects. The trick is to rub on the rough surface to the surface of a workpiece. Smooth and rough sandpaper shown in the numbers listed behind the paper. We provide a wide range of products ranging from the types of Flap Disc Sandpaper, Flap Wheel, Belt, Roll, Sheet, Buffing, Fiber Disc and other types.

Selling the most complete inexpensive sandpaper various brands

PT. Boelan Oetama Mandiri sells cheap sandpaper with various types of complete in Indonesia. Sandpaper prices are usually based on the types, types, specifications and brands that are different, so the price list must be adjusted according to the type. All products are offered at the lowest price for the needs of your industry. To get the best price information you want, please contact us directly.

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