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Amplas flap wheel
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Specification of Amplas flap wheel

Sandpaper flap wheel

Flinders Flap Disc is a kind of sandpaper with waterproof material, cloth, and synthetic fiberglass which have been incorporated from abrasive material to be used as a working tool to produce surface of object or material becomes more smooth and flat, by way of use by manually rubbed or by a machine which in this way serves to erode or smooth to get the desired result.

Sandpaper flap wheel

Fine Flap Disc Grinder Eyes as well as abrasive sand paper is determined by the numbers contained behind the sandpaper or the front for the abrasive type of the grinding wheel of the disc flap. The larger the number written indicates the more smooth and dense arrangement of the sand of the sandpaper.

Sandpaper flap wheel

Flap Disc Grinders In general, the type of flush disc grinding wheel is used in the work for the repair and finishing of the automotive body, this type of grinding flap disc sandpaper is also used to facilitate the work of scrubbing the coat of paint, putty or surfacer.

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